To Lead Aerial Industrial Revolution with 24hours Flying Drone Concept

Japanese drone technology integrator “iROBOTICS, Inc.” announced the concept model of “24hours drone” and the service being available with it.


Concept picture of 24 hours flying drones

The Concept

This 24hours flying drones are planned to be the scale of 2 square meters and to fly higher altitude than normal ground level drones, about 300m to 3km altitudes. This “24hours drone”, by staying between satellites and ground level drones at 24hourse 7days, will be the evolutional infrastructure to cover all over the earth and to solve many problems that humanity is facing.

Until now, iROBOTICS has identified key technologies to make this concept model real, such as cutting edge fuel cell to extend flight time 40x than current lithium battery, multi GNSS sensors, ADS-B flight control system, VTOL control software, artificial intelligence platform, high resolution cameras and sensors, flight monitoring system using block chain technology. We continue to identify and develop new technologies to make this real.


Service models and Grand challenges

As you know, the realization of this “24hour drone” is the anticipated near future but not just dreams. We plan to produce this drones at the cost of less than 100k USD per unit (target cost), so that multi-thousands of these drones will cover all over the earth 24hours 7days to provide efficient and high quality communication infrastructure at very low cost. It is also expected that these drones will physically carry small goods therefore it could be used as super-long distance logistics with their unique VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) capabilities. Because our plan is to make it open to public widely and globally; some of humanity’s grand challenges will be solved by this new type of infrastructure, such as;

  • Monitor environmental changes continuously and precisely
  • Help solving resource shortage by finding ocean resource.
  • Provide logistics to the middle of ocean or desert (rescue kit etc)
  • Provide immediate disaster rescue and recovery
  • Attack to the food problems in Middle Asia or Africa.
  • Control ground level drones and robots
  • Provide fast and appropriate ground level information, etc.


iROBOTICS is currently looking for partners who are willing to participate and/or support this concepts. Therefore we announced the grand challenge “fly drones from Tokyo to Silicon Valley within few years”. There is 5,000 miles (8,000km) between Tokyo and Silicon Valley flying over the Pacific Ocean. But if it is successful, it means anything we are planning is possible and it will change the whole world. There is a lot of problems expected ahead such as technical difficulties and country regulations. However we strongly believe this is achievable and necessary to bring the humanity to the next level.

iROBOTICS was incorporated to solve the problems of humanity with technologies in 2016 November, right after the team won the “Japan Innovation Challenge 2016” held in Hokkaido in October 2016. It already closed angel round with angel investor Kotaro Chiba, and currently seeking seed round investors.



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