A Robotics Technology Integrator

Our Mission
iROBOTCS provides the best solution to the industries with the latest robotics technologies

Our Vision
iROBOTICS leads the civil revolution of the sky to solve the humanity’s grand challenges

Our Value
iROBOTICS applies the most available technologies to solve the clients’ needs


Our Solutions

  • Industrial Robotics Solution
  • Air Traffic Management System
  • Multi-Machine Control System
  • Japan Market Entry Support, Joint Venture etc.


Our Main Customers

  • Nuclear Power Plants (Security, Surveillance, Maintenance)
  • Petrochemical Complex (Security, Maintenance)
  • Iron works (Surveillance, Maintenance)
  • City Developers (Building Surveillance, Maintenance)
  • Construction (Building Surveillance, Maintenance)
  • Parking Lots (Surveillance, Security)
  • Mountain Rescue Team (Surveillance)


Pacific Drone Challenge